Medical workers have used Vasotec for Hypertension and a variety of other chronic heart failure conditions. If used together with diuretics and digitalis, Vasotec is a medication that has a good chance of preventing conditions which leads to heart failure.

Vasotec Information

Vasotec is the brand name of Enarapril. Enarapril is actually an Agiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor. Dicarboxylate-containing ACE inhibitors is the very first member of ACE inhibitors.

Research for new treatments for Hypertension is an on-going affair at Merck & Co. They manage to invent Vasotec by adjusting the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone (RAS) system.

Vasotec is broken down in the body by various esterases. This medication is eliminated from the body in two phases. The first phase: renal filtration. The second phase: Longer than the first phase is believed to be important as it maintains the drug effects.

Angiotensin (a chemical from the blood) has the ability to be transformed to a more potent version which increases the amount of salt and water retented in the body. Vasotec works by preventing this conversion.

Vasotec has also been found to be effective in improving the functions of the heart after a heart attack. Moreover, it can also alleviate the symptoms associated with heart failures.

Be aware that you are not supposed to take huge amounts of diuretics with Vasotec. This is because this dangerous combination is capable of lowering your blood pressure dramatically, can cause you to develop potassium imbalance, salt imbalance, heart complications and even kidney diseases. Serious allergic reaction called Angioedema can also result from consuming this drug. Typical symptoms of this allergic reaction are swelling in the face, lips, throat, legs, arms, or difficulty breathing.

Vasotec should never be used on pregnant woman. Once you discovered you are pregnant, discontinue this medication immediately. ACE inhibitors are able to cause injury and even death to the fetus in the second and third trimesters.

Hypersensitive patients or those who ever had Angioedema in the past should not use Vasotec. 2.5-40 mg of Vasotec is given once daily as a oral dose to treat high blood pressure. 2.5-20 mg of Vasotec is given twice daily to treat heart failure while the recommended intravenous dose is 1.25 mg every 6 hours.

A safety study of Vasotec has been carried out on 10,000 patients. Both mild and transient side effects have been found during the treatment.

Side effects found during the study:

1. nausea, fainting, dizziness, vomiting, headache, abdominal pain
2. numbness or tingling in the hands or feet
3. sore or swollen throat
4. asthenia, syncopate, chest pain, orthostatic effects
5. myocardial infractions, angina pectoris, hypotension, cardiac arrest
6. arterial fibrillation, anorexia, stomatitis, peripheral neuropathy
7. insomnia, depression, photosensitivity, renal failure
8. pneumonia, bronchitis, dyspnea
9. Urinary tract infection, gynecomastia, impotence, etc.

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