High Blood Pressure Remedy Report

High Blood Pressure Quick Remedies – Prevent It From Getting Worse

by Alvin

Hypertension is one of the conditions that we usually suffer when we are aging as a result of our lack of awareness on what is important and helpful to our health. During hypertension the pressure exerted by the blood within the wall increases which leads to the difficulty of blood to circulate around the body.

Because of this, lack of oxygen happens which usually results to the damage of brain, kidney and heart.  Thus, high blood pressure quick remedies are usually provided as answer to the problem of the victims.

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Blood pressure must be maintained within the normal and ideal range which is 120/80 mmHg. Some of the high blood pressure quick remedies include the following:

1. Diet. Healthy foods are important for our body to gain energy and perform its proper function. The diet that is required for hypertension patients is the DASH diet that requires high intake of fruits and vegetables.

Low fat dairy products, lean meat, whole grains and high fiber foods are usually needed. It is also important to know that our diet must be low in salt amounting to 2,300 mg per dayand cholesterol. Foods high in saturated fats must be avoided.

But persons already diagnosed must limit salt intake to 1,500 mg per day. They must take foods high in potassium such avocados, prunes, raisins, bananas and potatoes.

2. Healthy lifestyle is one of the important things that must be put in mind. Constant monitoring of blood pressure is also required. Aside from the blood pressure, weight monitoring must also be done.

Cardiovascular exercises for at least 5 hours a week is of great help for good blood circulation. Limit alcohol to two bottles per day and stimulant intake like cigarette because it can contribute in increasing pressure within the blood.

3. Daily supplements can also be given such as calcium and magnesium because it prevents the rise in blood pressure. Sources include green leafy vegetable, low-fat milk, legumes and whole grains.

There is a certain herb known as Hawthorn that can lower down pressure of the blood. Omega 3 can also be given because it reduces risk for the clotting of blood. Fish is a great source of omega 3.

4. Garlic can also be used as one of the natural ways to lower down blood pressure.

5. Hot compress and leg bath is also good for the proper circulation of blood.

There are a lot of high blood pressure quick remedies available for use and all we need is a constant awareness of the proper approaches to do. This way, reducing the risk of having high blood pressure is obbtained.

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