High Blood Pressure Remedy Report

A Review on Grape Seed Extract for High Blood Pressure

by Alvin

From the leaves to the wine, grapes have been used by rural folks for various medicinal purposes. The wine is used for heart ailments while the grape leaves are effective in relieving pain, bleeding, and inflammation. In line with the use of grapes as folk medicine, there are medical studies made regarding the use of grape seed extract for high blood pressure.

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Healing potentials

1. It was noted from these studies that grape seed extract has plenty of proanthocyanidin, a type of anti-oxidant that can reduce the harmful effects of free radicals in the blood. Free radicals here refer to unstable molecules in our body that can either be good or bad, but may cause certain diseases if they’re bad.

2. It will increase the dilation of the blood vessels, which will eventually increase the blood flow resulting to lower blood pressure.

3. Other studies suggested that it should be combined with vitamin C to fully harness its potential in reducing the systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels.

Extensive clinical trials in humans are underway to further discover the healing potentials of grape seed extract for high blood pressure. This is in line with the current thrust for natural or organically based medications to take its place in the mainstream.

Possible Side effects:

There are various grape seed extracts being sold today in the form of tablets, capsules and tinctures especially in health food stores. The use of grape seed extract can be considered safe. Nevertheless, a user is still advised to consult a qualified health care professional for its purity and strength. Improper use might result to risk like:

  • allergic reaction,
  • bleeding,
  • other unnecessary interactions with other medications, supplements and other herbs.

Also, we cannot discount the possible proliferation of fakes or imitations that were not formulated up to par. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not strictly regulate herbs and dietary supplements.

General Recommendation:

Although the initial clinical stage showed good potentials, further medical validations can only justify this as the future cure. As of now, grape seed extract may be available as a high blood pressure supplement but the best results can still be achieved if accompanied by lifestyle and diet changes.

Embarking your faith on the sole use of grape seed extract for high blood pressure is an unhealthy decision. Any other medication requires a patient to observe other dietary factors that promote proper blood circulation and steer away from those that can stress and distress the body.

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  1. Brad S

    just started using finest naturals brand. it is 85% polyphenols. i just started using it, i am 27 and have been around 140/86 for a year, i kicked the salt out of the dite for about a month now along with caffine, and with some mild exercise (it’s winter) i am down to 129/68. I am hoping to get down to 115/65 or so. i will comment back in a week or so and see how 250mgs a day, of extract at 85% works

  2. Brad S

    i can’t stress enough, quit fast food and read every lable on the food you buy at the market, i was shocked to see the salt values in most foods. can of green beans has enough salt in it for the whole day. just the tip of the ice burge, and rember LDL cholesterol is only found in animal, and animal bi-prouducts. i have also found natrual and organic low salt foods for around the same prices as the other crap, will power is a big part of this. but for me, being 27 and haveing high blood pressure is not an acceptable option. i must add that i am 6’2 200 so not fat or lathargic. just over salted and geneticly pron i guess

  3. Brad S

    don’t mind my spelling, it does not reflect my knowledge of the subject

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