Get Rid of Fluid Retention With Lozol

In many cases, heart related diseases are often associated with improper salt and fluid retention. Most of the time, these 2 conditions are the causes for fluctuating or high blood pressure. Lozol is one of the drugs that are availiable that can help you to eliminate swollen ankles or wrists, while allowing a normal salt diet.

Important Lozol Information

Lozol is suitable for patients with clear high blood pressure problems. Also, it is common for doctors to even prescribe this medication for fluid retention caused during pregnancy. Lozol helps to get rid of many symptoms, including fluid retention, during the last trimester pregnancy period.

Lozel is efficient in dealing with high blood pressure when the drug is taken consistenly and regularly with the proper dosage. Lozol will help to ease fluid retention due to high blood pressure and will show improvement gradually. It may take a few weeks before you can actually see the full benefits of the Lozol treatment.

You must be aware that there are no magic or immediate cure for conditions such as high blood pressure. Thus, Lozol is only used to help the condition under control.

If for any reasons that you need to stop taking Lozol, do not stop abruptly as you may deteriorate your condition. Lozol is a medication that requires gradual withdrawal. You need to consult your doctor and only under his supervision can you stop the treatment.

There are no hard and fast rules on when to take the medication. However it is generally taken in the morning with food. It is up to your choice.

If you happen to take any other drugs, please inform your doctor that you follow a Lozol treatment. This is to prevent any unfavorable drugs interactions and harmful side effects.

Lozol Side Effects

In general, whether the patient has postive or negative effects upon the intake of Lozol depends on his sensitivity. As a rule of thumb, Lozol gives mild and temporary side effects. You need to tell your doctor about the conditions. He will then decide whether it is suitable for you to continue the treatment.

Some common symptoms includes:

  • headaches, dizziness and lack of energy
  • spasms or cramps/numbness in the limbs
  • nervous adverse reactions that include anxiety, irritability and agitation

You should stop Lozol treatment only when such symptoms alleviate. Your doctor may help you with some advice that can help you to overcome with such adverse reactions.

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