High blood pressure, which is also known as hypertension, is a very common health problem that many patients are suffering from. Right now, there are many different kinds of medical treatments that doctors can choose to help in the treatment of high blood pressure. To keep hypertension well under control, medicine such as Lotrel or in combination with other drugs if necessary, are used.

Lotrel Information

Lotrel is classified under a group of drugs that are known as calcium channel blockers. The main function of them are to improve blood flow by acting directly on the walls of veins and arteries.

When using Lotrel, the main motive is to relax the blood vessel tissues effectively making them wider.

The benefit of using Lotrel as a treatment is that it is compatible with many other drugs that are often prescribed for other conditions such as angina for instance. In most instances, Lotrel works in situations where other medications have failed already.

By following your doctor or pharmacist’s recommendation, you should be able to see signs of improvement well ahead, before the ending of treatment.

Initially, it is quite common to take Lotrel with a low dosage. However, as time progresses, your doctor may modify the dosage to attain maximum results under his close supervision. This is a common procedure and it really depends on your responsiveness to Lotrel. By monitoring consistently, you can then obtain an accurate information on your health condition.

If you have undergone any sugery procedure during your Lotrel treatment, it is absolutely necessary to inform your doctor on all types of drugs you are taking. This is to prevent any serious or fatal incidents.

Lotrel Side Effects

When taking Lotrel, here are some of the things you should avoid with the possible side effects:

  • For example, thinking impairment and slower reactions are the first to mention as part of the nervous central system unwanted reactions. Hence, please avoid the consumption of alcohol, driving or getting involved in any activity that require increased alertness.
  • Some drugs that are used for the treatment of heart conditions are most likely to cause some side effects during the 1st week of consumption. However this is the not case for Lotrel. Unwanted side effects will only occur after a few months.
  • Chest pain, difficulty to urinate, fast weight gain, fainting sensations are some of the symptoms. Please consult your doctor and specify that you are taking Lotrel for high blood pressure.

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