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High Blood Pressure Supplements – Top 5 Nutritional Foods

by Alvin

As the human body grows older, the deterioration of the major body organs will affect the related metabolism. Often, detrimental changes in metabolism will lead to hormonal imbalances that can cause high blood pressure. Thus, the ageing body needs anti-high blood pressure supplements to suppress any occurrence of high blood pressure.

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High blood pressure is a medical condition considered as dangerous and requires care as far as eating habits and lifestyles are concerned. The sufferer often needs medications, safe foods and other nutritional supplements in order to prevent any damage to the body especially the heart.

The following are 5 nutritional foods needed by the human body to provide nutritional support that can promote proper blood circulation even as our body ages with time:

1. Potassium – As an electrolyte, potassium is responsible for the stimulation of the kidneys to eliminate poisonous body waste products. A kidney that functions properly will not produce hormones that tend to increase sodium retention.

Increase in the blood cells’ sodium level creates an imbalance that affects blood circulation, resulting to high blood pressure. Potatoes, bananas, tofu, and beans are some of the good sources. However, medical advice also requires the balance between potassium and sodium; hence, these foods should be taken in moderation.

2. Calcium -  It is the key for having healthy bones. As the body goes through natural wear and tear, there is a tendency for an increased demand for calcium in order to maintain bone mass.

Any calcium deficiency will affect blood cells since the balance of sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium in each cell should be maintained for proper blood absorption. Some of the foods rich in calcium are milk, cheese, seaweeds, soy, broccoli, okra, molasses, oranges, etc.

3. Coenzyme Q10 – Is also known as electrone transporter and found in body cells where the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) molecule takes place; which is responsible for regulating the heart beat.

The ATP carries energy to the heart for the latter to function properly in pumping out and distributing blood for circulation. Food source comes mostly in organs of animal meat but should be taken in moderation as it can affect the response of the body to anti-coagulants and insulin.

4. Vitamin C – We usually take vitamin C as a means of acquiring resistance to colds and flu. Moreover, a combined study made by  Oregon State University and the Boston University revealed that it also improves the biological activity of nitric oxide resulting to the lowering of the blood pressure level.

Nitric oxide is a chemical compound in the body needed by the blood vessels to relax or dilate. Food sources are citrus fruits, dark green leafy vegetables, berries, tomatoes, peppers etc.

5. Omega-3 Fatty Acid – Research shows that this is good in maintaining the good cholesterol (HDL) while keeping at bay the bad cholesterol (LDL). Good sources are fish particularly mackerel, salmon and tuna.

These foods are anti-high blood pressure supplements, if incorporated in our diets combined with exercises and a health promoting lifestyle can help an ageing body act against hypertension.

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  1. joahne

    just wanted to let you know that the free report you provide it great – thank you

  2. angela

    I have resistant HBP,under doctors care taking all medication stilBP is high.I am not heavy, active exersising,yoga etc. vegetarian,,eating greens, ,fruits fish. I do take all supliments you mentioned more, nothing works.Whay?? Do you have advise??

  3. imad

    Angela I think you are doing what you suppose to do physically. Take some time off from work and just relax feel relax with out any worries. And try to do some kind of voluntier work with kids or comparative study of religions of the world. I know you will say what this have to do with BP. But yes it does. Try it

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