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High Blood Pressure Foods Not To Eat – The 3 Most Common

by Alvin

Factors that contribute to high blood pressure are so many to enumerate. Some may be due to stress, heredity, strenuous activities, and above all is the food taken in.

We eat food in order to live and survive daily. However, not all foods we eat are good for our health. Some may actually cause detrimental effects to our body.

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Choosing the right kind of foods to be consumed is actually very essential to prevent risking our health and killing ourselves. To give you an idea, listed below are some of the high blood pressure foods not to eat to minimize aggravating the condition.

High blood pressure is not to be ignored or given less care because it may lead to more serious health illnesses such as blindness, kidney malfunction, stroke, and heart attack.

The worst thing is it can be the cause of a sudden death. If you have an elevated blood pressure, you have to be cautious and make sure that the foods you are eating will not worsen the situation. A proper diet for a person with high blood pressure must also be strictly implemented.

1. Salty Foods. Sodium is known to be active in increasing blood pressure. Salt is our primary source of sodium and it is used in most of the foods we eat. Can you just imagine how your food will taste without salt? Salt supplies the good taste of the dishes you cook.

Flavorsome dishes encourage someone to eat more and the more the person eats, the more susceptible he or she is to hypertension. Thus, minimizing the salt content you add to your dishes is advisable to maintain a low blood pressure.

2. Processed Foods. These are foods that have been packed or canned. They are processed in a factory or laboratory. We have a busy society which makes some individuals go for these foods because they lack time to cook. Some are already tired and exhausted from work and other activities.

Processed foods contain large amounts of salt, fats, sugar, and hydrogenated oils that are not good for the health. Above all, they do not have nutrients that are important to our overall health.

3. Fats. Saturated or trans-fats are not good for people suffering from high blood pressure as it can worsen the situation due to the additional tension to the blood vessels.  People with high blood pressure vary in their conditions.

Some are advised by their doctors to minimize the intake of these fats to lower their blood pressure.  Those with frequent high blood pressure and are in dangerous stage must avoid the intake of fats completely. These are usually attained from fast foods, canned or processed foods, and fried foods.

Now you know how important it is to be extra careful with the food you eat. Health is always precious. Once damaged, you will have a hard time restoring it again. Or worst, you will never be able to refurbish it at all. That is why it is essential to be familiar with these high blood pressure foods not to eat to avoid your blood pressure from going up.

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