High Blood Pressure Remedy Report

Foods that Causes High Blood Pressure – 5 Major Foods to Avoid

by Alvin

High Blood Pressure or hypertension is a serious cardiovascular disease that can lead to stroke, heart disease and kidney failure.  The disease is common amongst a large population of adults; thereby contributing to at least 7.1million deaths in the United States alone.  Although most people are unaware of its existence, it can be controlled.  Ideally, it is important that you are aware of foods that cause high blood pressure.

Hypertension is generally detected and diagnosed during regular checkups with your physician.  In most cases, the physician will prescribe medications while also informing you of lifestyle changes that you should consider in attempt to deter further complications.

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These lifestyle changes can be very simple and they will make a significant difference in your next blood pressure reading.  Research indicates that the key elements to prevention are weight modification, low salt intake, physical activity and moderate alcohol consumption.

It is recommended that you are proactive in combating the ‘silent killer’.  If you have been diagnosed with hypertension, you should be treated by a doctor and continue to take your medication.  One of the most ignored facts about high blood pressure is that the complications often occur simply because of the foods you eat.  Reducing toxic and calorie intake will lower high blood pressure.  There are at least five types of food that causes high blood pressure.

1. Foods that are high is sodium (salt)
Sodium or sodium chloride (processed salt) intake causes HBP.  Instead of using regular salt, purchase ocean (celtic or sea) salt

2. Foods that are processed in a laboratory (hydrogenated/artificial oils)
Margarines are made with hydrogenated oils.  Check labels for the words, “no hydrogenated oils.”

3. Foods that are high in trans fat (trans fatty acids)
It’s simple, avoid fried or fatty foods.

4. Foods such as red meat

Red meat causes HBP due to toxic substances and chemicals digested by the animals prior to processing.

5. Foods that is high in sugar
Foods that are high in sugar are also high in calories.  This causes you to gain weight.  Obesity is a significant cause of HBP.

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  1. Rae Lyn

    I just found out that my son of only 16 has high blood pressure. I’m going to try this to see if it will heal him naturally instead of medication.

    • goku{End}

      If you want to heal him naturally keep him away from fast food restuaraunts like McCDONALDS or any others, keep him away from steak that bleeds when you eat it or red meat keep him away from salty foods and foods that say corn syrup in the ingredients or high fructose corn syrup.

    • bakenson

      i’m only 18 yrs old…and i have HBP…What is the main reason 4 this n how 2 lower bp

  2. deathsoundsnice

    article is too vague, how about list of foods to avoid, like micky dees. 7.1 million people? that’s a low number. considering all the fat asses around.

  3. Maryann favour Obiageli Best

    i suggest that u people should encourage people for that because some are very vary surburn in life that they can not even avoid it and keep their health healed, another one is that sea salt are no way to found in our country is vary hard. please advise us more.

  4. Akande Sunday

    Please, what are the food i need to take to increase my blood pressure because they keep on telling that me that i have low blood pressure. I think i need to eat some food

  5. Chukwuemeka Ijere

    I have a problem of HBP. The diastolic fluctuates between 130 and 81 while the systolic goes between 165 and 140. Presently I am in a region where fish is not available but meat. What is your advice. Two, what are the foods reach in calories.

  6. Rae Ann

    I just was diagnoised with High Bood Pressure and found to my surprize the amount of salt in some foods. Here are a few suggestions from that research.
    1. Bakery has Sodium Bicarbonate and salt …. so choose sour dough bread or white bread. There is a NO sodium alternative to baking soda / powder if you bake your own bread.
    Ask for low sodium lunch meat at deli…roast beef, turkey, or chicken…not processed lunch meats.
    Condiments are real bad…both salt and sugar. Montgomery Inn (barbeque at Krogers) and Ken’s brands (salad dressings) are much, much lower in salt but still bad. Honey mustard is a good choice, but check labels.
    Soup should always be homemade.
    Check government intervention in april 2010.
    Fast foodis the worst….almost no good stuff when french fries have the least salt at most….choose vegetables Captain Dee’s or Boston Market.
    Have fun googling and checking labels.

    • Patrick

      What do you think?

      I make my own salad dresing from Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vineger. Then I add herbs and spices to fit my taste, like pepper, chili powder, sage, basil, oregano, caraway seeds, whatever you have or want. A little salt on the sald or the tomatos is ok too because when you add salt you only add a little. In processed foods there is so much salt added.

  7. Rae Ann

    I just found out ibprophane raises Blood Pressure…no wonder I have problems. I will need to research a pain relief alternative.

  8. abeeha

    my mother is 50 yrs old and she had high blood presure do u have any treatement about it??????/

  9. Rosalind

    The key to achieving & maintaining is really about what you take in. For fast effective results try 0 carbs & 0 sugars for two weeks. If you can do this, you are on the road to success. However, for a quick fix, you may blend the following:
    6 string beans, 3 pegs garlic, a pinch of ginger, teaspoon of lime juice and teaspoon water.
    This will result in a paste of enzymes, take a teaspoon ONCE ONLY thereafter have your BP reading done over don’t take your regular medication if you are using this paste.
    It works but be careful it can go too low HYPOTENSION which is also dangerous.

  10. louise

    What do you think? hope the details help to stop my high bloofd pressure i certainly will try you good advice from thelouise



  12. dancinp

    Not all of us that have HBO have it because of foods we eat. Unlike alot of people I have it thru my genes. HBO runs on both sides of my family. So it is much harder to control. Obesity also runs in my family on my mother’s side so I constantly have to watch what o eat. I am grateful for my spouse who keeps up with me and makes sure I am doing what I’m suppose to be doing, because I put others before myself.

  13. Jane

    What do you think? My bp is 174/94. Should I eat fruits & veggies till bp down without medicine?

  14. hanhpham

    What do you think?i have been using herb green tea extract .It make my blood pressure to 144/68 and when i donot use it just for a day it go back to normal 115/68 is green tea dangerous for me if i keep using it.Green tea is good for me though i get more energy

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