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Lower Your Blood Pressure – Methods You Can Count On

by Alvin

If you suffer from high blood pressure or you know someone that does, please continue reading this article. More than likely you know how important it is to gain control over elevated blood pressure, but you need to do more than just lower your blood pressure. You need to keep it low. This article should give you some insight into how you can safely control your blood pressure.

Don’t be misled into thinking you can reduce your blood pressure without having to work at it. The key to lowering and keeping your blood pressure low is lifestyle changes.

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Up until you were diagnosed with high blood pressure you probably didn’t pay much attention to the ingredients in the foods you ate. Even if you ate fairly healthy. Now is the time for you to kick into high gear.

You need to limit the amount of salt you consume. To do this, could prove to be challenging. However, it is important. Take the salt shaker off of your table. Instead of using salt to add flavor to your foods try using fresh herbs or powders instead of salts.

Keep your eyes on the labels. Many foods have salt/sodium in them. You need to reduce if not eliminate these from your diet. Take a look at your catsup bottle and you will see how much is in there that you shouldn’t eat. If you must have condiments you should aim for reduced salt only.

Begin a light exercise program, if your doctor approves. You can start by taking a brisk walk once a day. Gradually increase the length of the walk and the speed you walk when you feel comfortable.

Take the dog outside and play fetch, get a push lawnmower instead of a ride on. There are several tricks to getting exercise that you can do. This will help your blood pressure to go down as well as assist in losing any extra weight.

Lose any added weight you might have
. You can do this by eating healthier, exercising and drinking more water. All of these changes will help you in reducing your blood pressure.

Fresh fruits and veggie
s are much better than canned veggies because there are no preservatives, sodium or salt. The increase in water will help to keep you hydrated, allow you to feel full so you will eat less and help you flush many of the toxins out of your body.

Reducing your stress level will greatly benefit your blood pressure. There are a few ways you can do this. You can take a yoga class, meditate or even speak with a professional counselor to help you find a way to better deal with your stress.

It is vital that you take control and lower your blood pressure. Following the above mentioned tips will surely get you headed down the right road.

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