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How Overweight and Obesity Cause Hypertension

by Alvin

Overweight and obesity is common especially in the U.S. and the medical community has expressed concern that today, 61% of the American population is obese. Being large and overweight is not a guarantee of good health. On the contrary, such individuals have been diagnosed to possess nutritional deficiencies and hormonal imbalances.

Overweight may be due to poor eating habits or certain disorders but medical researchers arrived at a conclusion that whatever causes obesity, can also cause hypertension. Conditions such as having insulin resistance and increased sodium retention all lead to hypertension.

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Although sodium retention in some obese individuals is associated to some form of genetic abnormality, studies have shown that a great majority of those with high levels of sodium retention have poor dietary habits and lifestyle.

How does sodium retention in overweight people lead to hypertension?

As we grow older, our physical activity is lessened thereby rendering us to become overweight. If there will be too much fat, the heart, joints, and other organs are under stress resulting to high blood pressure.

Our body normally reacts to stress by producing aldosterone, which is a stress hormone that promotes increased sodium retention. Any excess sodium in our blood cells decreases the number of cells capable of receiving the blood being supplied during circulation.

Blood build up will soon be inevitable since the amount of blood that surges all throughout the body cannot find the sufficient volume of body cells to receive the blood in circulation.

How to measure if you are overweight or obese?

There are several ways of self-assessment to determine if you are already overweight and causing stress to your bodily organs:

1. Weighing yourself with a spring-type bathroom scale inside and outside a swimming pool. Any difference between the two will be the amount of fat you should lose in case the weighing scale shows up with a higher number while out of the pool.

2. The other way to measure your fat is to curl into a ball in a swimming pool and exhale as you put your head under the water. If you quickly sink, there is less fat but the more you float, chances are you have excess fat. On the other hand, if you slowly sink, fat is about right.

3. There are still other ways to measure body fat like the use of tape measure and mirror, and these are just examples.

Whatever the reasons for having excess weight, exercise is still the best way to burn calories that lead to obesity or overweight and thus, prevent high blood pressure.

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  1. Simon

    Sometimes I wish the cause of my extreme high blood pressure was obesity and an under-active lifestyle. Then there would at least be a cause I could do something about.

    Unfortunately there is no clear cause for my high blood pressure and may be that’s the most difficult to solve and correct.


    • Gary

      Sugar (specifically Fructose because of side effects of it’s processing in the liver) and deficiencies in Vitamin D, Magnesium and Potassium can cause Hypertension.

  2. Lalova

    How come I am considered in the obese section wieghing 200 lbs at 17 years of age but doctors never find hypertension during medical checkups?….

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