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Common High Blood Pressure Questions Answered

by Alvin

Why do you need to avoid eating sodium?

Sodium builds up in your body and begins to clog your arteries. By reducing the sodium you intake to a bare minimum you are no longer adding to the problem, instead you are taking away from the problem. Over time the existing buildup of sodium in your artery walls will begin to be removed from your body.

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Is exercising really as important as my doctor claims?

Absolutely. By exercising you are essentially reducing the stress on your heart and arteries. The reduction gradually increases and the blood is able to freely and easily flow from the heart with little to no stress. Start exercising gradually, take your time and be consistent. Set goals that are realistic and achievable.

Should I be worried about side effects from my medication?

Generally speaking, you do not have to be overly concerned about the side effects associated with the medications used for treating high blood pressure. However, you should not dismiss them if you begin to experience them. Contact your doctor to determine if your symptoms should concern you or not.

Do herbal and alternative remedies work?

Yes, but not for everyone. The same rings true with medications. Sometimes it is necessary to try a few different treatments before the right one is found. This is not meant to discourage you from seeking alternative treatments.

Instead, it is best that you discuss the options available for an alternative high blood pressure remedy. All and all, everyone is different and each case of high blood pressure should be treated according to the individual.

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