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Water Drinking and Hypertension – Quench Your Thirst & Stay Healthy

by Alvin

One of the most significant ways to keep your blood pressure down is to simply drink water.  Drinking water will not only keep you hydrated, it can alleviate many of the symptoms of high blood pressure.

Hypertension is one of the major causes of heart disease in America along with high Cholesterol.  Because your body is made up of 50 percent water, water drinking and Hypertension is an important matter to discuss.

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Water should be an important part of your diet and daily lifestyle.  Consuming at least one- half gallon of water daily will assist with strengthening your heart, while weakening the risk of destroying your arteries.

More so, your kidneys will remain pure which enables them to clean up blood from the body’s flow more effectively. Lack of sufficient liquid to kidneys can cause major damage.

Certainly, it will increase your blood pressure, but more importantly, it will send your kidneys false signals.  The kidneys are forced to believe that the body is literally low on water thereby signaling the brain to constrict the arteries and veins.  This obviously has a negative effect on body which inevitably raises your Hypertension levels.

Your goal should be to drink one-half of your body weight of water daily.  Even as sodium should be eliminated from your diet, drinking the sufficient amount of water gives you more liberty to include salt in your diet.  It is important that you know that water is in every cell of the body, thereby proving to be an important element for a healthy lifestyle.

Older people hold less cellular water which interrupts regular body functioning.  So, if you are an older individual with Hypertension, your heart is basically working extra hard to pump the blood flow throughout the body.  Without the proper amount of fluids, there is no finding relief from the pressure.

Ongoing medical studies are being conducted to discover the concrete connection between water drinking and Hypertension.  Heart disease is a direct result of Hypertension which is inevitably the leading cause of death in the United States.  If you are lucky enough to be diagnosed with prehypertension, it would suffice to modify your diet and lifestyle.  To combat hypertension effectively, simply drink the adequate amount of water daily.

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  1. Sue Scott

    I had really high blood pressure two weeks ago and no I didnt drink enough water so am taking your advice, thank you xxx

  2. Hercu Lane

    I read that you should not drink water before measuring your blood pressure. Drinking water increases the reading, as the heart has to move more liquid. How is it that drinking water lowers the blood pressure?

    “Your goal should be to drink one- half of your body weight of water daily” I think this is a mistake and should be corrected.

  3. Alvin

    Thanks for the comment.

    With regards to your question, the main aim of drinking more water is to get rid of sodium in your body

    “People with high blood pressure should make drinking water a habit, at least four glasses daily. The reason is simply to help facilitate the elimination of sodium. You make the kidneys’ work easier.” – Source: 25 Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure by James Scala Ph.d.

    Yes, I think I make a mistake in the amount of water intake daily. Thanks for spotting it. Actually it really depends, but as a rule of thumb, 2-3 liters per day will be sufficient. (water from all sources)

  4. JDE

    OK, so if I was to take your suggestion, I am a 170 lb male. I should drink 85 lbs of water a day?

  5. Robert Su, Pharm.B, M.D.

    Drinking more water to remedy hypertension is misleading at the best. While it is true, when the body has more salt (more importantly, sugars), it feels thirty and needs more water to dilute and hopefully, its kidneys will discharge more water with salt out of the body. However, there is a dangerous consequence that is overloading the body with water –> increasing the blood volume –> increasing the cardiac output –> hypertension –> if the blood volume is beyond the ability of expansivity of the blood vessels, heart failure will ensue.

    No, do not just believe drinking more water is good for your hypertension!

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