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High Blood Pressure Lowered Naturally – 6 Effective Tips

by Alvin

High blood pressure does not usually causes symptoms, thus, it is called as the “silent killer”. Some people do not know they are already carrying high blood pressure and do not ask for medical aid until the symptoms occur.

These symptoms may lead to stroke, heart attack or heart failure, which can deprive us of doing the things we usually do or eat foods we crave for. So, we began to wonder how high blood pressure is lowered naturally.

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Experts have already recommended ways to prevent and cure this illness using the latest medical tools and innovations butpeople would typically want to know how high blood pressure can be lowered naturally. The following are the few recommendations to consider:

1. Eat healthy

Studies show that following a healthy eating plan can lessen the threat of developing high blood pressure. Research indicated that elevated blood pressures were reduced by practicing a healthy eating plan which emphasizes fruits, vegetables, low fat dairy foods. Foods that are low in saturated fat, total fat, and cholesterol are also recommended.

2. Reduce Salt Intake

Choosing foods that are lower in salt is one way to a healthy eating habit. Fluids in the cells are driven by salts into the blood stream which causes increase in blood pressure. The excess salt and water cannot be eliminated from the circulation if the kidney is not working properly.

3. Retain an average weight

Target a healthy weight just right for your height, age, and body type. Overweight people have a higher risk of developing high blood pressure because as weight gets higher, blood pressure also increases. In order to lose weight, it is advisable to eat foods that are less in calories and do physical activities more.

4. Engage in physical activities frequently

Commit yourself to moderate physical activities regularly. Some activities that you can do are cycling, swimming, basketball, and walking. In fact, many daily activities can also help lower your weight such as cleaning the house, raking the lawn, or mopping the floor. Engaging in these activities can lower your blood pressure.

5. Limit alcoholic drinks

If you cannot avoid alcoholic beverages, at least limit your intake. Too much alcohol can raise blood pressure. Alcoholic drinks contain calories that can destroy your healthy eating and can also cause peptic ulcer, liver and heart problems.

6. Give up smoking

Cigarettes contain nicotine that causes blood pressure to rise. Smoking can also increase the risk for cardiovascular diseases as well as for emphysema and cancer.

Having an illness such as high blood pressure is sometimes unavoidable because of a variety of factors but following the tips mentioned will be of great help if you do it continuously. How high blood pressure lowered naturally does not only depend on doctors and modern medicines but how you as a person take care of yourself and value your health.

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